Aramid Fibre
Milled Aramid Fibres
In 2013 Polyvel started selling milled para-aramid fibres. We can offer a range of milled and staple fibers all based on 100% recycled para-aramid fibres, with different fibre lengths as well as different packaging. Para-aramid fibres are very fine fibers with a very high tenacity, are nonconductive, have a low flammability and have an excellent abrasion resistance. These fibres and fabric by-products can be recycled into: 
  • a milled or pulped fibre with various fiber lengths, from 200 microns to 3mm
  • staple fibre with a fibrelength of 40~60 mm for use in yarnspinning, nonwovens. 
Main applications of milled Aramid Fibres materials are: 
  • gaskets
  • brake lining
  • thermoplastic compounds

The final products are intended for the automotive industry.

Standard grades:

AF 25 G

milled para-aramid fibres for us in brake pads

AF 20/200

milled para-aramid fibres free flow type for compounding    

AF 20/1 G

milled para-aramid fibres for use in gaskets

AF 40~60  

staple para-aramid fibres with a fibre length of 40~60mm



PO - 300

milled oxidized PAN fibres gaskets, brakelinings etc.

Moreover we can supply Milled Carbon Fibres, for more information please contact us

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